I had to write this page to point out that I own both the stupid, as well as the smart, thoughts and ideas on this site, and you, the reader, get to take neither with you (especially the stupid ones.) Specifically…

With the exception of comments by visitors and quotes of others, any and all content, text, code and photographs on ashodnakashian.com including sub-domains, sub-jacent, sub-liminal and/or sub-pages, are the product and, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are under the copyright of Ashod Nakashian and do not reflect the opinions, views, official stances of my employers, past, current or future, nor do they own any of it, unless otherwise stated explicitly.
By default, the content of blog.ashodnakashian.com is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. However, most code includes its own license (many are placed in the public domain) and the Creative Commons license does not apply to the photos on and off blog.ashodnakashian.com. You cannot reuse the photos without my explicit permission.

The contents of this site are the personal opinions, views, ideas and products of Ashod Nakashian, and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, country, race, government, law enforcement officer, club, organization, company, insect or individual or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back.

The algorithms, code, software or description of software usage may melt the ice cubes in your freezer or freeze your coffee. May disappear your cat or might turn you into a frog. Don’t blame me if you start driving on the wrong side of the road after reading some of my code. For all I know, they increase your salary, get you a promotion and make you smarter. Not necessarily in that order. Use at your own risk.

This is not a news site, peer-reviewed journal, official publication of an organization, corporate, kiosk, church, planet, galaxy, public figure or a telephone booth. As such, all information is provided as-is, without any kind of guarantee. For all I care, this site is manipulated by space dogs to control the human race for their mono-eyed pleasures.

While I do make every effort to fact-check the information provided, they are mostly my opinion and, unless I turn into a bug-eyed fanatic monster, my opinions do change. As such, depending on the age of a post, I might very well already think I was an idiot for what I had written. I probably won’t go back to change or delete such posts, but don’t count on that. I reserve the right to delete and/or modify any and all posts. In addition, old posts may be obsolete and of no value. Still, I do reserve the right to go back to improve and correct grammatic and spelling mistakes, expound on a point I feel I didn’t do justice to or just to extend the topic. In no way I feel obliged to revise old items, nor to mark each change or update explicitly, if at all, when I do.

By reading and/or using this site you agree not to reverse-engineer my life, deducing directly or indirectly what I feel, think, do or want to do, including but not limited to, my preferences, desires, location, nutrition, sex-life, religion, beliefs, hopes, dreams and horoscope. The bits on this site stay on this site. They do not reflect, affect, use, induce or reduce my professional life and output.

No one can or will be held responsible as a consequence of what this site hosts, directly or indirectly, including libel and defamation. This site can be viewed across invisible and imaginary lines drawn on a globe often called borders. As such, what is legal in one region may be illegal in another. It is the reader’s responsibility to check the law and abide by it. The authors of comments are responsible for their contents and links. The owners of external sites are responsible for linked contents on their sites.

This site may inadvertently link to content on the internets that is obscene, prurient, useless, hate-filled, poisonous, pornographic, frivolous, empty, rotten, bad, disgusting, hostile, repulsive, virulent, infectious… Neither this site nor I in no way condone, endorse or takes responsibility for such content. If you are easily offended by language and/or graphics, be safe rather than sorry and unplug the power of your device now!

You reserve the right to disagree with me and the right to quote me within context and to the extent of fair use, while giving credit and linking back, both as comments on this site and off site. However, I reserve the right to disagree with your disagreement and remove any obscene, off-topic, spam, advertising, self-promoting, provoking, attacking or otherwise any comments. Although an intelligent disagreement is welcome and will be greeted with respect and appreciation. The rule of thumb is, if you don’t contribute constructively, you don’t get no bits for your contribution.

Finally, I do not get paid to author an opinion or a post. Where there is a conflict of interest, I’ll state so explicitly in a disclaimer on the relevant page.

(Disclaimer about the disclaimer: some words on this page were shamelessly stolen kindly borrowed from other pages on the internets. To my knowledge, the original authors weren’t notified.)

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